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Spay and Neuter

Dalton, GA Spay and Neuter Surgery

Thank you so much for considering having your pet spayed or neutered at Zutilla Pet Clinic in Dalton, GA. We are passionate about spay and neuter here and it is actually a part of our mission statement! Our veterinarian, Dr. Star Gregory, has extensive experience in spay/neuter and has done over 10,000 surgeries on dogs and cats of all different ages, breeds, and sizes. Safety is of course our number one priority, so each pet is extensively monitored to ensure safety. We understand that this is a very important decision and we hope to see your pet soon. Below are a few key differences between Zutilla Pet Clinic and other veterinary hospitals in the area:

  • Price Includes E-Collar and Pain Medication
  • Text Message Update During the Day- We know you’re worried
  • FREE Nail Trim- We’ll get it done while they’re sleeping
  • Same Day Pick Up- No spending the night in an unfamiliar place


Cat Surgical Prices:

  • Cat Neuter- $155.00
  • Cat Spay- $180.00

Dog Surgical Prices:

  • Dog Neuter under 50 lbs.:  $210.00
  • Dog Neuter 50.1- 99 lbs.:  $235.00
  • Dog Neuter over 100 lbs.:  $290.00
  • Dog Spay:  $330.00

Please Note:

  • We do not perform spays on dogs that are over 30 pounds
  • Pre-Surgical Blood Work (Required for pets over 7 years old): $87

  • There are additional charges for pets that are pregnant, in heat, overweight, or have undescended testicles.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your pet’s surgery, the first step is to schedule a Spay/Neuter Pre-Exam. This is so Dr. Gregory can assess your pet’s health to be sure they are an ideal candidate for surgery. At that time, a $50 deposit would be required to hold your pet’s spot on the surgical schedule. The balance would be due the day of the procedure.


Dr. Star Gregory

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3011 E. Walnut Ave, Dalton, GA 30721

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We specialize in outpatient medicine and preventive care for dogs and cats. We aim to provide outstanding pet care while exceeding client expectations. A portion of every dollar spent goes to help pets in need locally!

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